Sunday, April 26, 2009

Comments on my paintings by Glen Eisner

I make a living as a sculptor of prosthetic make-ups in film and TV. I am capable of drawing, yet I am not a master of ‘line’ drawing. My strength is in tonal drawing. I see in forms and volumes, more than I do in line (this is most likely from my interest and experience in sculpture). From there, that mindset is transferred over into my painting. I work the paint into tones, seeing in large shapes. These shapes become the essence of the painting in its sense of composition and abstract design. As it progresses, the painting is further refined into as much detail as I wish. I am hesitant to add detail into the art piece too soon (when it is being blocked in). My prehistoric paintings are obviously studio concoctions (four of which appeared in the book 'Beyond the Dinosaurs' by Athenium Books). The prehistoric pieces are created with the same method as I would attempt a painting on site outdoors (as described above). One becomes a strong painter from the experience of painting outdoors (plein aire); by working from the live figure (animal /human); and picture reference when needed.

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